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Social Media Management

We’re not going to tell you how important social media is for your business. You already know. You are probably on social media yourself, your kids are, and so is your neighbour, and your customer. What you probably don’t know is that most small to medium businesses fail to make good use of social media. Even larger ones do sometimes. The reason is usually a lack of understanding of how social media really works, and as a result confusing it with other types of marketing communication, or using it purely for one way advertising (that’s where it goes in the P/L in most cases).


You probably also overheard the buzzword “engagement” used by agencies as a catch-all term and metric for being successful on social media. However, engagement is only part of the picture.


For a business to be successful on social media the brand itself has to become social. Think of it simply as the brand becoming a person that people can relate to, communicate with, and share things back with. It’s not an easy thing to do and it certainly doesn’t come overnight. It takes a well thought strategy that understands first the target audience, its wants and needs, and its behaviour patterns in order to communicate in the right away and using the right platform. It also takes time to build trust and it does take some spending to build momentum.


We often recommend that businesses do their social media in-house instead of outsourcing it to an agency, for the sole reason of making the brand more personal and more authentic, which is key for a brand to become social. This however is not always possible as businesses want to focus on what they do best, and this is where we can help. You can rely on us to manage your brand’s presence on social media and engage with your audience in the best way possible that represents what your brand stands for.


Social Media is a channel for two-way communication with your target audience, and not a direct marketing channel. If the communication is done right, the outcome can be much better than what you would expect with direct marketing.

Let us help you grow your business online!