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Reputation Management

Internet and social media have given everybody a voice. As brands make their presence online and social media they immediately become exposed to the risk of negative feedback and mentions that are visible to the whole world. Being alert to all such mentions and feedback in real-time and being prepared to deal with it is something not all businesses have time for.


We can help you manage your brand’s reputation online and on social media by first setting monitors and alerts to all mentions of your brand’s name and relevant keywords and any relevant publishers or influencers, then we create processes that identify all types of anticipated cases and determine the desired course of action for each case in collaboration with you.


Not all feedback and mentions are negative. There’s always positive experiences and feedbacks shared in a blog post or a tweet or a Facebook review. It’s very important to capture these experience and build on them, and this is also an essential part of the reputation management process.

Let us help you grow your business online!