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Pay Per Click Management

One of the key areas where the performance approach to marketing makes a significant difference is managing advertising budgets. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is available from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. When you spend on PPC campaigns your primary goal is to receive clicks to your website or landing pages from the right target audience and at the lowest cost possible. Ultimately you want those clicks to convert into leads and then close into customers. Hence, a complete view of the conversion chain is essential to ensure the highest return on investment.


We can manage your PPC budget to generate the optimal return on investment, starting with profiling personas of the target audience, segmenting, refining and building custom audiences, through to crafting the right messages and content, building landing pages, A/B testing, advanced click tracking, real-time bidding (RTB), and constant monitoring and adjustment. When coupled with our Inbound Marketing solution you also get a complete view of your ROI in terms of turning the clicks into closed business.

Let us help you grow your business online!