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Industry Event Coverage – The Digital Media Forum

As the world of digital media continues to change, the opportunities prospects of monetizing digital opportunities keep changing. To succeed in this ever evolving field, one must recognize the direction in which the digital world is moving and reach out to the appropriate regional and international stakeholders in this domain.


The Digital Media Forum 2012 was the first event of its kind to accommodate a number of industries that have become so intertwined that at times one would not think of them separately. This event offered all stakeholders in the value chain of the digital world to pitch their products and services to all buyers ranging from redistributors and integrators to end consumers.


Attendees had the opportunity to discuss, mix, debate with and listen to industry stakeholders and leaders, attend discussion forums, discuss feasibilities with experts, participate in workshops, attend training sessions exhibit solutions and most importantly identify new opportunities to grow their business.


We were engaged by our partners Chain Reaction to create and deliver a social media campaign for the event. The campaign was aimed at creating buzz for the event, driving publicity for the sponsors and speakers, as well as increasing attendance.


The platform of focus was Twitter, and the campaign stretched for a month, starting three weeks before the event and wrapping up a week after it. The strategy revolved around building connections prior to the event with all the influencers including sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, trainers, workshop leaders, as well as delegates; sharing quality industry content around the event’s topics, and sharing reusable tweets with the sponsors and marketing partners in advance. A live coverage of the event was launched on Twitter with the hashtag #DMF2012 and a big screen was put up to show live tweets and invite participation and questions from the audience. The campaign followed through after the event to share more photos and videos from the day and make all workshop materials available on the cloud.


During the campaign the DMF’s Twitter account added up 600 followers and on the day of the event the hashtag #DMF2012 became the second most trending topic in the UAE.


February 7, 2012


Social Media