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100 Years of Riding Passion written in Arabic

The Arabic language has always been known as a language of poetry and beauty, yet in modern days, with most of our culture being imported, and little content being produced and translated into Arabic, the younger generations resorted to using more and more English words and expressions to properly express themselves.

Unfortunately Arabic content production in the media is mostly a translation of an original English copy, run through a translation software, and edited “creatively” under short deadlines. There’s nothing technically wrong with using software to create a first draft and then do a couple rounds of editing, but this approach is better suited for technical or factual content. When it comes to creative content that goes into glossy brochures, billboards, or landing pages, this approach fails dramatically as the outcome is often difficult to capture or comprehend, and sometimes even laughable to the average person.

We believe the proper approach to an Arabic adaptation of a source English copy is rewriting from scratch to convey the original meanings, a process which can only be done by copywriters who are well versed into the subject matter.

This was our approach at Cactix when we got approached by fellow agency ATOM to adapt all the sales content of Harley Davidson for the Middle East into Arabic. Our own team of writers who worked on the project were passionate about motorbikes and knew their choppers from their bobbers, in addition to having the creative writing ability in Arabic. The result was an outstanding adaptation that conveyed the riding spirit of over a hundred years, and by words of the marketing communications team at Harley Davidson, the best Arabic content ever written about Harley Davidson.


December 7, 2013