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Cruciani is an Italian fashion brand established in 1992 with a vision of developing desires and giving them a tangible form. Cruciani products are made in Italy and represent the best of a traditional heritage and an art in continuous evolution. The Cruciani brand is perceived as different and distinctive, and the products are considered young, casual and sophisticated. Cruciani C, which is the latest...

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Ministry of Education UAE

With over 28,249 employees and teachers, and 910,208 students, the UAE Ministry of Education’s work has immediate influence and implication on almost every household in the UAE. Therefore, it is closely watched by the main media and the public.   By the end of 2011, the social media presence of the Ministry of Education consisted of a Facebook page with 4,128 likes and over 80% of them...

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The Middle East and North Africa MENA region is ranked second, after the US and before Brazil, in terms of the number of daily video views on YouTube, with Saudi Arabia ranking number 1 globally with the highest number of video views per internet user. People read and watch based on recommendations and social media shares by their friends. How is this trend affecting the...

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Digital Media Forum 2012

As the world of digital media continues to change, the opportunities prospects of monetizing digital opportunities keep changing. To succeed in this ever evolving field, one must recognize the direction in which the digital world is moving and reach out to the appropriate regional and international stakeholders in this domain.   The Digital Media Forum 2012 was the first event of its kind to accommodate a number...

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